Supplement your procurement team

If you are a large or multi-site company you can use our group deal programme to supplement any buying infrastructure you may already have in place.

Allowing us to take care of basic categories frees up your own procurement team to focus on the strategic purchases that are important to your business – a move that is in line with that recommended by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS). See here for more detail on how it works.

You may want access to all of our negotiated deals to get competitive discounts and good deals on your overheads – or half or maybe just one. With our group deal programme you can sign up to a package that is tailored to your buying needs, whether you are a group of manufacturing plants or a chain of 500 retail shops.

Membership fees range depending on the size of your business and number of sites and most members save around ten times their investment.



We have negotiated deals with our suppliers, listed on the buyers’ gateway, that allow our members to make significant savings in more than 100 categories.

For example, savings average 51% on washroom services and more than 20% on stationery.

Categories range from those used by all businesses, such as fixed line telecoms, energy, shipping and insurance, to more industry-specific deals, for example on industrial gases or electronic supplies. Click here to view the full list.

You can choose which deals you want your procurement team to use and how your team accesses the information. Flexibility is key, so please talk to us about your needs.

Other services

We offer a range of other services to help your business cut costs, including energy negotiation, water rate consultancy, active cost management, contract management, buy-a-buyer and purchase-to-pay software, among others. Please get in touch to find out more.

Case study:


Owen Mumford

Owen Mumford designs and manufactures medical devices and disposables used around the world. They have manufacturing sites in Woodstock and Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire and offices and distributors around the globe.

By gaining access to exclusive deals through the Independent Buyers Ltd, Owen Mumford cut costs significantly.

Owen Mumford asked if they could have a procurement contractor to work on their site two days a week.

Contracts manager Dave Chapman went in and worked closely with their then strategic purchasing manager Paul Currah to identify areas where savings could be made. Some of this – such as on couriers, stationery and mould shop lockers – came through the company gaining access to pre-arranged deals and competitive discounts with Independent Buyers’ nominated suppliers.

In other areas of non-core spend, Dave got Owen Mumford’s existing suppliers to price-match the buying group’s nominated suppliers and negotiated good deals with new companies to gain substantial cost reductions across both sites.

Working on site enabled Dave to offer a high level of support and to develop a better understanding of the company’s needs.

Dave said: “Going into Owen Mumford two days a week worked really well. Paul appreciated my proactive approach and was happy for me to explore areas for opportunities. He was also keen to have somebody independent on site who could liaise with various people and develop more open and trusting relationships with no hidden agenda.”

Paul Currah, supply chain manager, said: “It has been really beneficial to have Dave working as an honorary member of the strategic purchasing team. As well as being able to access great deals for us via the buying group, and thereby achieve some impressive results, he has worked incredibly hard to ensure that the deal we get works for the long term benefit of Owen Mumford; he has brought real added value to the business.”