Running your buying group

We specialise in developing and running discount schemes on behalf of trade associations, franchises, parent companies, investors and geographic clusters of businesses. Examples of some that we have run are shown below.

You may wish to join one of these or we can set up a branded buying group for you, tailored to your needs, and your members gain access to our specially-negotiated deals and suppliers. We analyse their expenditure and suggest how they can start saving money. This could be by switching supplier or by using our deals to get their existing supplier to price-match. There is more information on the process your members go through here.

You can have your own buyers’ gateway created, which is an online portal specific to your Buying Group which allows you to access the deals. We can offer different membership packages and organisational options are available with the added benefit of a monthly subscription. If you would like to talk to us about either joining or running a new buying group please contact us.

Buying Groups

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