How it works

By becoming a member you gain access to the Buyers’ Gateway online portal, which lists the nominated suppliers and their exceptional deals.

We have been able to negotiate these fantastic prices on common overheads, consumables and utilities by using economies of scale and combining the purchasing power of all of our members.

We analyse your buying expenditure – if you are a full member, we will come to your company and scan in your invoices – and suggest how you can start saving money. This could be by switching supplier or by using our deals and discount schemes to get your existing supplier to price-match.

As a great advantage membership is now available through a monthly subscription.

Example analysis

We free up your work load and you remain in control of your purchasing decisions at all times. We are not your supplier – we just help you find the best suppliers for you.


We can also do bespoke work for you, for example on reviewing your business or water rates or negotiating your energy contract for you, and we can even provide an on-site procurement contractor. You pay a ‘no win, no fee’ style membership fee to join but we guarantee that you will save several times your fee. How much you pay in fees depends on the size of your business and the level of membership you select. And, remember we offer membership as a monthly subscription.

If you are a large company with an existing purchasing department, you can choose to access some or all of our deals by using our group deal programme. Alternatively, if you are from a body or organisation with many members, we can run your buying group for you.


We have negotiated deals with our suppliers, listed on the buyers’ gateway, that allow our members to make significant savings in more than 100 categories. For example, savings average 51% on washroom services and more than 20% on stationery.


Categories range from those used by all businesses, such as fixed line telecoms, energy, shipping and insurance, to more industry-specific deals, for example on industrial gases or engineering consumables. Click here to view the full list. All of our deals and supplier contact information are listed on our buyers’ gateway, which members have access to.

Other services

We offer a range of other services to help your business cut costs, including energy negotiation, water rate consultancy, active cost management, contract management, buy-a-buyer and purchase-to-pay software, among others. Please get in touch to find out more.

Supplement your procurement team

If you are a large multi-site company please click here