About Us

Independent Buyers Ltd is the UK’s largest private-sector purchasing consortium, involving over 2,500 organisations with a combined buying power in excess of £1 billion.

We recognise that many small and medium-sized businesses have generic overheads needs. We use our buying power to negotiate deals and competitive discounts with suppliers across more than 100 categories so that our members can reduce their company’s indirect expenditure. Independent Buyers Ltd is recognised as having some of the lowest prices for overheads, consumables and utilities in the country. Nominated suppliers are only ever appointed based on strict selection criteria, with an emphasis on quality and service.

The cost of running the buying group is largely covered by membership fees to ensure the negotiated prices can be as low as possible. In a limited number of categories commission is earned, which helps to cover the running costs, but this does not affect supplier selection or compromise independence. We can offer a variety of services including supplementing your in-house procurement team and running your buying group for you.

We run a number of buying groups on behalf of sponsor organisations. In these cases, we may operate under a different brand, such as Vauxhall’s Retailer Cost Reduction Programme or EnglandRugbyDeals, but we make sure members are aware that these brands come under the umbrella of Independent Buyers Ltd. Effective Spend Management is a way for selected professional buyers to work in partnership with Independent Buyers Ltd to offer exclusive deals to third-party clients. Established in 2000, Independent Buyers Ltd has operations across the UK and is headquartered at Catton Hall in Derbyshire.